Do you know the star?? Twinkle twinkle little star. Exactly that little star that apparently not shine in the sky but in the advertisements and we actually wonder “what you are”…

Yes let’s talk about the star the little twinkling star of advertisements. You might have come across a little star on right top of any rate such as ‘at just Rs. 99*’ or ‘30% off*’. This star is called an asterisk. This is not only used in the ads but in many other things as well. For example in cricket, when the batsman is still playing, an asterisk next to the score denotes the batsman is not out (301* = 301 not out), typography, mathematics, music, coding etc etc etc….

Most importantly now days it is used to complete an offensive word by the censor board, such as f**k, f***ing and many more.

But here we are talking about the asterisk of ads. This denotes the terms and conditions applied. The most dangerous symbol in the world of advertising. This small symbol of star can have a full book of terms and conditions which nobody reads. In the name of this small star advertisers hide the whole concept of ‘there is a huge catch’.

An asterisk is so small that the customers can’t even see it when there is a glamorous deal in front. Whatever is the size of font an asterisk is always the smallest (even smaller than a full stop) and ignored almost all the time.

You can sometimes find the terms and conditions on the bottom of the ad and sometimes it is not mentioned so that consumers go to the shops or websites for purchase and then an asterisk will burst like a bomb, a bomb of catchy loop holes of the buyers.

Let us take in incident, you are going through your internet browser and suddenly you see a very tempting deal, ‘going on a trip on this long weekend of three days? Rent a bike on just Rs.999* only.’ My friend this Rs.999 is fine but the * on Rs.999* has a lot of secrets. 999 is a huge amount for some people, I might think this probably the best deal where I get to rent a bike in just Rs. 999 for three days, but once you go to the site and see what behind the *, you get a shock, because that * says, ‘rent a bike for just Rs.999/hour’. Three days trip, you can do the calculation.

Advertisers and companies do a lot of fraud in the name of this little star. They show the best price with the star which has a huge catch that make cost you double, if not immediately may be in future. Now that you know what this small star can do, be very very careful when u see this *. Search for the terms and conditions and go through it before taking your step forward.